School Talks and Exhibitions

School Assembly Talk

Preventive Drug Education is the government's major initiative to empower our young with the knowledge of commonly abused drugs and prevent them from falling prey to drug abuse. In our effort to extend our outreach to students and youths, we seek schools' continued support in this worthy endeavour, given the primary role of schools and educators in moulding the lives of children.

We are able to customise our programmes to cater to the needs of every school. Our talks programme also includes talks for parents as we hope to reach out to schools' parent support groups and parent-teacher associations.

We would like to extend our invitation to schools to participate in our PDE Talks and Exhibitions. A brief explanation of the types of programmes is provided in the "Programmes Highlights" section below. 

You may wish to contact the following officers for further clarification:

Programmes Highlights

Assembly Talk

School Assembly Talk

This is a 30 – 45 minutes talk presented by experience Narcotics Officers from the Central Narcotics Bureau. With more than 10 years' experience in fighting the drug menace, our officers are passionate of their mission and are keen to share with the young generation the dire consequences of drug offences. The talks, injected with visually impactful slides, are customized in terms of the target audience to better relate the anti-drug messages to them. There is usually a quiz or question-or-answer session at the end.

Static Exhibition

To complement the talks, an exhibition is an effective way for students to internalise the anti-drug message. The static exhibition comprises mock drug exhibits with explanatory texts on the types, effects and penalties of drugs.

Note: Students who have attended the Assembly Talk need not attend the Sharing Session.

Sharing Session

Different from the Assembly Talk where our officers present to a large group of students, sharing sessions are conducted with a smaller group. This allows our officers to better engage the students at a more intimate level to facilitate more in-depth exchanges.

School Exhibition

Talk for Parents

Through schools, we also hope to reach out to parents of the parent-support groups. PDE talks are developed to share with parents on issues relating to drug abuse, such as tell-tale signs and myths about drug abuse.