Anti-Drug Workplace Talk

Our Aim

Besides youths, we also engage working adults, parents and care-givers as they have great influence in the lives of young people. For the parents, we reach out to them through the school's parents-support groups and parent-teacher associations.

The workplace talks are developed to educate these adults on issues relating to drug abuse, such as tell-tale signs and myths about drug abuse. We hope that these talks not only help to educate them on the harmful effects of drugs but also how they can help to keep their loved ones away from the dangers of drugs.

What Workplace Talks Entail?

A Workplace Talk is usually between 30-45 minutes presented by an experienced Narcotics Officer from the Central Narcotics Bureau. With more than 10 years’ experience in fighting the drug menace, our Officers are passionate of their mission and are keen to share with working adults, parents and care-givers, the dire consequences of drug offences.

The talks, injected with visually impactful slides, are customised in terms of the target audience to enable them to relate better to the anti-drug messages. The talks can be conducted in a smaller group setting that allows our Officers to better engage the audience at a more intimate level to facilitate more in-depth exchanges.


As a follow up option to the talks, an exhibition is offered as an effective way for the audience to internalise the anti-drug message. The exhibition comprises mock drug exhibits with explanatory texts on the types, effects and penalties of drugs.

PDE Videos

Organisations may also request for our PDE videos to be screened to complement our talks. The docu-dramas include re-enactments of real-life accounts of ex-abusers as well as interviews with medical professionals to clarify misperception and myths, explain detrimental physical/psychological effects, social aspects, legal and penal consequences of drug abuse.

Our Outreach

  • AETOS Security Management Pte Ltd
  • Cafe Del Mar (Singapore)
  • Hai Inn Temple
  • Hasanah Mosque
  • Ministry of Community, Youth and Sports
  • SHATEC Pte Ltd
  • Singapore Armed Forces
  • Singapore Civil Defence Force
  • Singapore Police Force
  • St James Power Station
  • Tian San Shipping Pte Ltd
  • US Naval

Right @ Your Workplaces!

It would be great if your workplaces offer a conducive environment preferably with adequate AV equipment to facilitate our talks.

Wait No Longer - Support our Anti-Drug Cause NOW!

We welcome you to take part in our Workplace Talks programme in support of our anti-drug cause! Download the form in the link below and sign up for the programme NOW!

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Application form

You may download the application form (PDF, 259 KB) for your offline submission.