Anti-Drug Workplace Talk

Besides youths, CNB also engages working adults, parents and care-givers as they have great influence in the lives of young people.

The workplace talk, usually between 30-45 minutes, is developed to educate these persons of influence on issues relating to drug abuse, such as tell-tale signs and myths. We hope to educate them on the harmful effects of drugs as well as to equip them with the know-how to keep their loved ones away from the dangers of drugs.

The talk, injected with visually impactful slides and videos, can be customised according to the needs of the target audience. It can be conducted in a smaller group setting so that our experienced Narcotics Officers can better engage the audience at a more intimate level to facilitate more in-depth conversations. Along with the talk, CNB also offers an exhibition comprising mock drugs and bite-sized information panels for the audience to internalise the anti-drug message.

In view of COVID-19, CNB offers virtual workplace talks. We welcome you to contact us and sign up for the programme now!

For details, please contact the following officers: