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Join our five cheerful friends in living a drug-free and rewarding life.

Anti-Drug Jingle

Join our five cheerful friends in living a drug-free and rewarding life.

The Danger of Drug Addiction (For Secondary School)

The video features a teenager's struggle with drug addiction and the need to seek help before its too late.

Advisory Against Overseas Drug Consumption

Highlights the danger of consuming drugs overseas for Singaporeans and PRs.

Cost of Drugs

The video depicts the high cost of drug addiction which not only destroy a person's life but that of their family, friends and community.


Learn about the harmful effects and addictive nature of cannabis, and understand the myth surrounding its use.

Teaching Video on Anti-Drug Abuse

Suitable for educators, this teaching video is created with the objective of facilitating classroom discussion on the topic of anti-drug abuse.

Sharing by Ex-Drug Abusers

A look at the struggle of two former drug addicts who managed to overcome the scourge of addiction to rebuild their lives.

Sharing by Ex-Drug Abusers (Trailer)

A quick introduction to the struggle of two former drug addicts who managed to overcome the scourge of addiction to rebuild their lives.

Zero Tolerance Stance Against Drugs

This video aims to assert Singapore's zero tolerance-stance against drugs and why it is important to keep Singapore drug-free.

Harms of Cannabis

This video provides parents with a general overview of the harms of cannabis, and the worrying trend of increasing liberal attitude among youths towards drugs.

Conversing About Drugs With Your Teens

The video provides parenting tips on the tell-tale signs of drug abuse and how to talk to children on drug related issues.

Taufik Batisah's new song “High on Love"!

Taufik Batisah, a Singaporean singer-songwriter, performed his anti-drug song ‘High on Love’ at the Opening Ceremony for the 5th ASEAN Ministerial Meeting for Drug Matters (AMMD) on 20 October 2016. ‘Highon Love’ was written, composed and recorded by Taufik, and was commissioned by Singapore’s Central Narcotics Bureau. It seeks to garner community support for a Drug-Free Singapore, and encourage youths to stay drug free.

5th ASEAN Ministerial Meeting on Drug Matters - Securing Drug-free Communities for our Future

The video encapsulates ASEAN’s unity to uphold the drug-free vision in the region. ASEAN stays firm and committed to securing communities free from drug abuse and its ill-effects.

Join the SG Secure Movement

It doesn’t matter if it turns out to be a harmless bag. Be like these neighbourhood aunties! #StayAlert. #StayUnited. #StayStrong. Watch the full video here.

Be part of the SG Secure movement today!

Our Guardians

Find out more about the important role our prisons officers play in helping inmates to lead a better life. As part of the Home Team, their work helps keep Singapore a safe and secure home for all.

Ministry of Home Affairs – Anti Drug Video

Follow the journey of a young boy as he learns how Singapore keeps our society drug-free.

Asia-Pacific Forum Against Drugs (APFAD)

Watch the video to find out about the Asia-Pacific Forum Against Drugs (APFAD), an event organized by the National Council Against Drug Abuse (NCADA) of Singapore on 27 August 2015. The Forum brought together local and foreign participants from government agencies, non-government organisations (NGOs) and civil society groups, all with the common purpose of discussing how best to address the worrying global trend of drug liberalisation.

The Home Team: Our Guardians Episode 1

The new Home Team video “OurGuardians” portrays the dedication and commitment of Home Team officers in fulfilling our mission and putting their lives on the line every day in the course of their duty. We thank our Home Team officers for their hard work and dedication.

The Home Team: Our Guardians Episode 2

Many of us can empathise with the challenges and internal struggles thatHome Team officers face at work. Beneath the tough exterior of a HomeTeam officer, lies one of our own who deserves our support and appreciation!

Watch the sequel to the first Home Team video “Our Guardians”.

Drugs. Don't Even Start. (A Family Torn Apart)

Our anti-drug ambassador, Mr Jackie Chan, has a special message for you. Drugs can play tricks with your mind and tear your family apart. See how drugs can cause you to lose sight of reality and lose the people who matter.

Drugs. Don’t even start.

Drugs. Don't even start.

Drugs can "play tricks with your mind." This video shows you how drugs such as 'Ice' can cause you to lose sight of reality and imagine things. Take a look and learn why you should Say No to Drugs!

Drugs. Don't even start.

United Against Drugs Coalition: UADC
CNB recently launched the “United Against Drugs Coalition” (UADC), a network of anti-drug organisations, supporting and promoting the anti-drug cause within their circle of influence. CNB will continue to engage our partners, to sustain the momentum and on future collaborations. We welcome more like-minded organisations to join us to endorse and promote Singapore’s anti-drug stance. Interested organisations can contact us at