A Brief History of the

Central Narcotics Bureau


The Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) was established in 1971 as the primary drug enforcement agency with a clear and focused mandate – to keep Singapore safe from the harms of drugs and inhalants.

In 1994, the “Committee to Improve the Drug Situation in Singapore” was set up to look into the drug situation and it recommended a total and integrated approach to revitalise Singapore’s strategies against drug abuse at the national level.

The four main strategies are Preventive Drug Education, Rigorous Enforcement, Treatment and Rehabilitation for drug abusers, and finally, Aftercare and Continued Rehabilitation for ex-drug abusers to reintegrate them into society. CNB took on the responsibility of preventive drug education in addition to drug enforcement.

A Brief History of Central Narcotics Bureau

The Central Narcotics Bureau’s

Vision, Mission, Values


A Singapore without drugs, where everyone can live, work and play safely



Our mission is to Enforce, Educate and Engage for a drug-free Singapore.


In our rigorous Enforcement against drug activities, we prevent the proliferation of drugs through intelligence, operations and investigations, guided by robust laws and policies.

We collaborate with our Home Team, local and international partners to stem the flow of drugs into and within Singapore.


Through Preventive Education, we educate the community on the harms of drugs and strengthen the resilience of youths to stay drug free.


In our Engagement efforts, we work actively with the local community to garner strong societal support to create a Singapore without drugs.

We also work with like-minded international partners to uphold the international space for a zero tolerance approach against drug abuse.


In line with the Home Team’s value of Honour and Unity, our fight against the scourge of drugs is a calling we answer with professionalism, integrity, dedication and courage.

In our efforts, we also strive to care for and develop our officers and contribute to society.

The Central Narcotics Bureau’s

Organisational Structure

The Bureau is commanded by the Director who is assisted by the Deputy Director of Operations and the Deputy Director of Policy and Administration. 

Supporting the Director and Deputy Directors are the operational line and staff divisions, namely Intelligence Division, Enforcement Division, Investigation Division, Operations Division, Policy, Planning and Research Division, Corporate Services Division, Communications Division and Staff Development Division.

There is also an Internal Investigations Office and Psychology Unit that provide additional staff support.

CNB_Org Chart (Mar 2024) 

Central Narcotics Bureau:

A Proud Member Of The Home Team

The Home Team comprises ten agencies committed to a common mission to keep Singapore safe and secure.

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